CLT reflection

On 4th of March we were lucky to attend the CLT Student faculty partnership workshop, were we had a great talk, about some topics about how to change the way of learning, what we want to change about the university and most importantly the student partnership. I had a great talk with the professors and students sitting with me and they were all listening to our opinions and accepted critisism about some matters, I felt that they truly wanted to listen to our opinion. Although it was not a must to attend for the professors, but it felt great to have a lot of professors in the talk, which made me feel that they are concerned with our opinion, on the other hand, it also felt good to make them clarify specific points we don’t like about there system such as exams, the workload and attendance policies.

We have started the talk with what we want to change about the university, I was lucky sitting with two students and 4 professors, we have discussed a lot of things about the university, some said that they liked how it is going and some disagreed . When it came to my turn to talk, I said my opinion about the university and the way of learning, which is that AUC is totally not fair, and they could not disagree when I proved my argument. My opinion that students get different grades than each other’s in same courses, disregarding how they understand the material, it is based on how the professor is. For example, I repeated a course the first time I scored D and the second time I scored an A- with doing the same effort and having the same material, it was just about how the professors is. Also I remember I got an A in RHET 1020 which I am sure I don’t deserve it because my English is not that great, and a friend of mine gota B- and am pretty sure that his English is way better than mine and did more effort, but it was only based again on how kind is the professor. Maybe some students don’t realise my point which is that grading is unfair, but I can see it as I have been to another university before getting to AUC.

Then we moved on to the main topic of the talk, which is the student partnership. We have talked a lot and debated a lot of how to define a student partnership, until we reached that we can define student partnership that it is the involvement of student with their professors about the materials and topics discussed. However, I can agree about it but I said that to do such a thing, we should make sure that students feel responsible about the course, which I doubt because many students want the easy things only. For instance we were lucky having Doctor Venecca sitting with us, who is a LALT professor, she said that she knows well that students are not interested in her subject, and they always say that it is not important, those are the non-responsible students am talking about. However, by graduating time we feel how lucky we are to have taken this LALT course, and we realize that it was useful to take it, so a student must be responsible before asking about partnership, that is how we ended our talk and agreed.

Finally, I think student partnership is a good thing to have it in our university, we can discuss things with them about their courses and agree about it, but I totally agree that professors have the full right to have things in their courses whether we agreed about it or not, as am sure they know more than us and they might see somethings useful more than we see it. I would like to see this workshop become more than just a workshop and I would like to see the president and the chair members in these discussions and feel that they are interested in hearing our opinions


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