Final Reflection

Let’s start by saying that it was amazing course, to say the truth, some people warned me from taking this course because of the heavy workload, but I didn’t had any other course available, so I took this course. I didn’t regret my decision about taking the course, yes it might has a high workload, but it is enjoyable. I have learned to share my opinion, I never participated before in any class but this class has encouraged me to share my opinion because of the good class discussions we had. I thought I would not be able to deal with people from different countries, but I found that I was very talkative and participating in Soliya, I enjoyed talking with people from different part of the worlds, also sharing my experiences with them although I never share. For academic life, I learned how to respect other people work, professors in the university never asked us to have permission before posting a picture on a paper, but this course taught me how to respect other people work, and which things over the internet I could use without permission, and if they require permission how I can ask for it. The course encouraged me also to find something am passionate about, when some discussions in the class was raised and I have interest in the topic, I was participating, so the key is to find something am passionate about and I will be able to get the best out of me. Moving to the social life, I have learned how much internet is really dangerous. I became aware that not all information should be shared on the internet, I became aware how we are such tools and money for social media platforms to sell us for companies and for research purpose. Not only spying on our information, I also knew that they spy on our calls and match our words to sell for us products, after this course my perception for the internet has changed a lot, I am sure I would change my behaviour on the internet because of what I have known from this course. Also I was interested when we talked about bullying, we have learned some skills about how to identify bullying and report it, and the dangerous of bullying toward children.

            If I have the opportunity to show my learning in this course for someone, I would choose three of my blog posts that I have posted to reflect about the course. The first one would be the Soliya reflection. I really enjoyed the Soliya sessions I had, and I would like everyone to try it, it was such an amazing feeling to talk with people around the world. I enjoyed how we share our thoughts about each other’s, we shared our thoughts about different topics, we talked about our countries and how every one of us has a different culture that differentiate him, I will always remember how some of them were shocked when they hear about my culture and country, it was really a good feeling to deliver a message about your country and culture. I would like to show my do not track assignment, which was reflecting how social media use us and how do they take our personal information. My topic in do not track assignment was showing how popular websites such as website, amazon and a lot of other websites deceive us, spy on us, and steal our information. Also how Facebook and google use some algorithms to choose which news to pop up for us based on our interest, which also deceive us for not showing us the other stories or opinions. Finally, I would like to show them playing games assignment, this assignment was really a good one, it deliver a message to you while you are just playing a game. To be more specific, I would really like them to play fake news game, it is a game that shows you how a lot of the news we read on social media that we believe is actually wrong. I would show this assignment because I want to raise for everyone the awareness that not all what we see on social media is true, a lot are fake news just to collect views.

            The course is overall good, and students have a lot of things to learn in this course but I think there are some minor things that need to be changed in my point of view. First, the Soliya sessions, I am one of the students who enjoyed Soliya the most, I was so sad skipping the third session because of a mandatory attendance in the university at the same time, so I think Soliya time needs to be more flexible. Like I think there is no problem in joining another people session if someone missed his session, this will give the opportunity to get to know more people and make up for his missed session. The second thing I would like to change about the course is the reading. I think this opinion is based on my skills, but am really bad with reading so I wish I could have skipped the readings in this course. In my point of view videos and activities are much funnier and enjoyable than reading and they also deliver the message, like the fake video for Trump that we have watched, or Trevor Noah stand-up comedy, when he talked about that some words are accepted from certain people and for other people it is considered to be racist. I would also encourage more session and guest speakers as the ones we attended in Moataz al Alfy and Bassily halls, I have really enjoyed to listening to new topics, sitting with professors, and sharing our opinion for the future of education.

If I am going to describe someone who should take this course, then it will be someone who is open to trying new things, willing to explore cultures differences, and gain knowledge about the usage of digital technology, networks, and communicating tools.

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